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Adventure All Stars  |  Charity TV Casting

We have some very exciting news to share with you. We’ve been selected to star in a ground-breaking TV show. This life-changing Adventure All Stars TV series features real-life cast members undertaking an unforgettable journey and will be broadcast nationally. Produced by the internationally acclaimed Charity TV Global this media project combines adventure, travel and philanthropy. Pre-filming all cast members raise funds for a nominated charitable cause, and our reward for doing so is a starring role in the TV series. Adventure All Stars is the ultimate road trip where TV viewers get to experience incredible locations through the eyes of an engaging and socially conscious cast.

Pre-filming we are proud to be fundraising for Moyamoya Australia, providing awareness and support for those suffering from Moyamoya Disease, as all net proceeds from this award-winning TV series will directly support this great cause.

As an official TV cast member, we are currently seeking ‘fundraising sponsorship’ in return for exposure (including clothing worn on screen) PLUS inclusion in all media releases, PR campaigns, events and social media posts throughout the duration of the pre and post filming campaign. All net proceeds from this project are gifted – in the form of a grant – to Moyamoya Australia. As a registered ACNC (Australian Charities & Not-for-profits Commission) entity, Charity TV Global Foundation oversees this inspiring filming and fundraising project to ensure transparency, accountability and adherence to relevant fundraising laws.

We would greatly appreciate your support and you can see sponsorship options to reward your business for its generosity here (insert attachment). This is a truly inspiring project for us and we are so honoured to have been selected for this opportunity. We sincerely believe this is a tremendous opportunity for your business to advocate such a remarkable mission in support of a worthwhile cause. Perhaps our pre-filming fundraising is something your workplace can get involved with? Let’s explore ways that your business can rally behind me in return for brand and publicity exposure… and of course our eternal thanks (and the gratitude of the charity we are raising funds for).

Testimonials, past fundraising successes, TV shows, extensive press coverage, awards and more can be found at www.charitytvglobal.com 
To assist us in this life changing journey (and to see Moyamoya Australia star on national TV!), please click on this link for further information relating to our television debut and how your generosity will help https://moyamoyaaustralia.raisely.com

You can also check out our cast members and support us individually.