Achievements & Key Stats

  • Raised funds for research into Moyamoya disease
  • Provided emotional and wellbeing support for many families suffering from Moyamoya disease
  • Provided financial support for families as cash grants
  • Hosted annual events including Smokey Blue Rally, Blue Tie Ball and the Great Blue Pigeon Race, as well as various other fundraising events such as participating in local festivals, hosting special events and volunteering for other local charities
  • Received media coverage including print media, digital media and a variety of radio interviews to raise public awareness of Moyamoya disease, the events we host and the sponsors who support us
  • Gifted $40,000 for research, training and stroke awareness to date



  • To raise awareness and understanding of the rare disease Moyamoya;
  • To provide support and resourcing in terms of information to Moyamoya Disease patients and their families;
  • To provide small financial assistance cash grants to patients of Moyamoya Disease or their primary carer.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Become an Annual Sponsorship Partner and be acknowledged in all major events we host throughout the community!

We can tailor a package to suit your needs.

Great Blue Pigeon Race

$20 a ticket
35 pigeons racing
$200 CASH prize if your bird comes in first

These homing pigeons love to fly, and for the race will be flying from Innisfail to their home in Cairns.

We have unlimited tickets as we will run multiple ‘cards’ of the pigeons for the race. Please let all of your friends know about the event!

Race Day – Saturday 3rd August. Tune in to our Facebook page for a livestream of the finish line at the race.

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