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The Great Blue Pigeon Race – Saturday 3rd July 2021.

Birdie McBirdface invites you to participate in the 2nd Great Blue Pigeon Race.

Tickets go on sale from 7pm Saturday 8th May (at the Blue Tie Ball).

$20 a ticket, 35 pigeons racing, $200 CASH prize if your bird comes in first.

We have unlimited tickets as we will run multiple ‘cards’ of the pigeons for the race.

Race Day – Saturday 3rd July. Tune in to our Facebook page for a livestream of the finish line at the race.

Back your Pigeon(s)

Why not get one for each family member and have your own in-house competitive fun. 


*Please check back Saturday morning before the race starts as we may have a couple of spots available.

Tune in to the Race Facebook Live Broadcast at 8am, Saturday 3rd July.